Not Possible IRL: Turning the page on 2007 in virtual worlds – What happened and what’s next

Larry Pixel: NMC Virtual Worlds plans a big announcement after the first of the year. It will come out first in the NMC Campus Observer, about January 10th.Also, the NMC’s highly influential Horizon Report (75,000+ copies downloaded or purchased in hard copy in 2007) will be released in late January. The contents of the 2008 […]

Discover Your Second Life – Australian workshop

Announcing…. from various members of Ausslers…. “Discover Your Second Life” The Second Life Discovery Day 2007 Introduction The hype surrounding the multi-user virtual environment Second Life has mostly focussed on its negative aspects, which has limited the support for individuals and groups interested in exploring the research, education and business potentials of this exciting new […]

Seymour Papert in accident

One of the legends and founding reseachers in ICT in education, Seymour Papert, is in a coma after a traffic accident in Hanoi “Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor emeritus Seymour Papert, 78, was among more than 100 international experts from 30 countries who had gathered in Hanoi this week for conference on teaching mathematics with […]

Second Life Education Community

Well it’s been a while since I found time to post something new. I’ve recently joined the Second Life Educational Community and found it incredibly absorbing.  This community is incredibly vibrant, and like the rest of Second Life it is growing at a rapid rate.  When I say growing I’m referring to the population – […]

Second Life security breach

Linden Labs have just announced in a security bulletin that their databases have been compromised. Detailed investigation over the last two days confirmed that some of the unencrypted customer information stored in the database was compromised, potentially including Second Life account names, real life names and contact information, along with encrypted account passwords and encrypted […]