NMC Symposium on New Media & Learning

The 2009 NMC Symposium on New Media and Learning, the thirteenth in the NMC’s Series of Virtual Symposia, will explore the impact of new media on teaching, learning, research, and creative expression, especially in higher education. NMC Symposium on New Media & Learning http://www.nmc.org/node/6565 The NMC have just advised that my presentation proposal has been […]

Some reminders about the basics in Second Life

Today I conducted a small tour of my research island, Godot, in Second Life.  The visitors were all people involved with, or interested in, Psychodrama. As one of the virtual hosts for the event I would like to thank everyone who attended the session.  It was nice to have people back on the island.  Thanks […]

Using theatre metaphors to explain collaboration

I stumbled across this little tidbit at cmduke’s EdTechatouille Explaining Collaboration to Learners Explaining Collaboration to Learners I took 10 minutes to watch at Edutopia.org Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age: A New Model for the Workplace – a presentation by Randy Nelson, Pixar University, at the Apple Education Leadership Summit this past April […]

Sean the Blogonaut on why filtering isn’t the answer.

Some other excellent material at these places: ISP-level content filtering won’t workThe ISP giants explain why it’s not a good idea. Brett Winterford and Julian Hill, ZDNet.com.au 30 October 2008 06:04 PM Tags: telstra, iinet, internode, filtering, isp, whitelist, say, hackett video feature Federal Government plans to introduce ISP-level filtering to provide a ‘safer’ internet […]