Some reminders about the basics in Second Life

Today I conducted a small tour of my research island, Godot, in Second Life.  The visitors were all people involved with, or interested in, Psychodrama. As one of the virtual hosts for the event I would like to thank everyone who attended the session.  It was nice to have people back on the island.  Thanks […]

Sean the Blogonaut on why filtering isn’t the answer.

Some other excellent material at these places: ISP-level content filtering won’t workThe ISP giants explain why it’s not a good idea. Brett Winterford and Julian Hill, 30 October 2008 06:04 PM Tags: telstra, iinet, internode, filtering, isp, whitelist, say, hackett video feature Federal Government plans to introduce ISP-level filtering to provide a ‘safer’ internet […]

Facebook | Rational Voters against heavy-handed internet filtering.

These Facebook groups should give you some indication of the perception of this misguided solution. No Australian Internet Censorship We Won’t Accept It – No To Mandatory Internet Censorship In Australia No Cleen Feed People against mandatory internet filters in Australia Rational Voters against heavy-handed internet filtering. Australian ISP filtering plan is stupid! Australians against […]

10 disruptive technologies for the next five years –

Image via Wikipedia Technology analyst Gartner have come up with a list of the 10 technologies it believes are most likely to change the way business is done between 2008 and 2012. Gartner’s top 10 disruptive technologies 2008-2012: 1. Multicore and hybrid processors. 2. Virtualisation and fabric computing. 3. Social networks and social software. 4. […]