Using theatre metaphors to explain collaboration

I stumbled across this little tidbit at cmduke’s EdTechatouille Explaining Collaboration to Learners Explaining Collaboration to Learners I took 10 minutes to watch at Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age: A New Model for the Workplace – a presentation by Randy Nelson, Pixar University, at the Apple Education Leadership Summit this past April […]

My Daily Tweets (via Loud Twitter)

07:54 @BronSt What sorts of demands Bron? # 07:56 OK – time for work… and then home to change into glad rags… I’m getting married this afternoon! # 07:59 @grahamstanley I have one on Skoolaborate and another on eye4alliance… # 15:46 @PeterBlackQUT oohh… unibody… sweet – they got me the last model… big but still […]

Email is for Old People

I’ve just joined another Wetpaint site that seems to offer some interesting considerations of required shifts in communication strategies for educational institutions.  IN terms of communication, what can schools, teachers, administrators learn from students.  While the focus seems to be upon K-12 contexts at this stage, based on recent exprrience I think there is plenty […]